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Who's Behind The DOZEN
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5. Love is not the word she may be looki
5. Love is not the word she may be looki
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You know she is your Queen when you hold her hand and you feel on top of the world. Nothing else matters. From your first touch, from the first glance, first word she was different from anyone else. She's a queen without a crown she rides a white mare through the footsteps of dawn. Hold her passion tight and never let go while you feel your heart is safe. You believe and trust in this beautiful soul you can't ever imagine her love ever getting old. You hope to the stars and pray to your god that her passion runs deep for you. The never ending change within your heart will always be there, Everything she does makes you want to be with her forever. You cry forever and a day I will always love you more than today.

Passion Of A Queen

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