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Jenny Jen Meeker

As a new and upcoming fashion, fitness and commercial model, Jenny Jen Meeker is passionate about living life to its fullest and “loving the beautiful people around you.” Jenny’s unique energy shines brightly in her work and truly sets her modeling apart.
Jenny started modeling in August 2015 and has taken the industry by storm, walking the runway for the closing show three out of four nights for Portland Fashion Week and modeling for notable fashion designers such as Sarah Seven,
Clayton Beck, Shea Wilcox, Leah Maria Couture and Fraulein Couture. She has done editorial work for hair studio Magnum Opus of Portland, Oregon and for
fine art workshops Dessert Lullaby and Valhalla in Idaho, which landed her on
the cover of Avant Fashion Magazine.

When we asked Jenny why she loves modeling she replied, “Working with a
creative team to make a vision come to life is like heaven on earth, I love
everything about it. Using your body to create art and express yourself is such a
beautiful thing! My goal as a model is to inspire and spread beauty, art and love.
That is what drives me.”

Lover of the outdoors, traveling, sports (particularly basketball, tennis, skiing and
running), fluent in Mandarin, and a talented pianist and painter, Jenny’s many
interests are reflected in her versatility as a model. From classic Hollywood glam
to edgy urban fashion, from sporty chic to badass warrior clad with bow and
arrow, Jenny has proven that she is able to take on any assignment and deliver
with passion and enthusiasm.
Jenny’s zeal for modeling is displayed in her desire to never stop learning and
growing. She is currently taking up dance to take her modeling to the next level
with further creativity in posing and expression. When we asked Jenny if there is
a certain motto or mantra she lives by, she answered without hesitation, “Live
fearlessly, throw kindness around like confetti, and do small things with great
Be on the lookout for this one, we spy great things for her in the future!

See more of Jenny’s work by following her on Facebook: and Instagram: @jennyjenmeeker


Specail Thanks to:

Photographer Tim VanBergen and MUAH Helen Park, Jeremy Hill, Lee Gochenour, Tavis Jewett-Hill,Katy Weaver



Renee Bruhn, Renee Bruhn

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