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Megan Powers is a print and runway model as well as a film and stage actress. Megan grew up performing and touring in many theatre productions since she was a child. In October of 2010, an unforeseen incident placed her in a high fashion photoshoot and her love for fashion and this new form of art manifested itself in her soul. Since then, Megan has been working steadily and enjoying every step of this wild ride. Megan is very professional and loves meeting new people. She does many high fashion, lifestyle, and latex photoshoots as well as runway shows. She has worked with many of Portland’s top designers, photographers, local companies, makeup artists, hairstylists and so on. Aside from modeling and acting, Megan volunteers with churches to provide food for families. In her spare time, she enjoys jet-setting around the world or taking trips to the beach or to her lovely childhood home of Montana with her husband and children.

Megan Powers

Photo 5: Latex

Photographer:  Black Ink Photography

MUAH:  Gina Campbell

Latex Coat:  Winter Fetish

Latex Leggings:  Libidex Ltd

Photo 1: Floral

Photographer:  Tom Boehme

Stylist/Florist:  Jessica Davidson Munn

MUAH:  Sarah Adams

Clothing:  Sophie Chang

Post Production:  Sandi Gagne

Photo 2: Jewlery

Photographer:  Hal Harrison

Jewelry:  CollectiveBliss Design

Stylist:  Heather Daylene Ayers

Photo 3: Lingerie

Photographer:  Brittany Niedzwiecki

HMUA:  Carrie Strahle

Stylist:  Tina Hernandez-Levine

Photo 4: Black Latex Skrit

Photographer:  Black Ink Photography

MUAH:  Gina Campbell

Latex Top:  Naucler Design

Latex Skirt:  Eustratia

Photo: 6 MW - Hair "Dozen"

Megan Powers in The Dozen Bond girl!

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