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5. Love is not the word she may be looki


"Queen of Heart Doll"

HI I’m Neyu!


I’m a Spanish adventure seeker!! I’m very curious, I love to learn about life, try new experiences and meet new people!!


I’m very optimistic! 

I believe that our mind is incredibly powerful; our thoughts determine our life! I think that we can achieve everything that we want if we know our potential and we focus our attention and energy on a specific goal!






I had to quit gymnastics because of an injury in my back. It was a sad moment, very frustrating because I was completely focused on my gymnastics career.  However, as I always say, every cloud has a silver lining, so I focused my energy on college. Because of that, now I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports and Exercise Sciences, a Master’s in secondary teacher training, and another degree in teacher training.


While I was in college I was also working as a gymnastics coach. I love kids and I love to share my passion for this sport with them!!





My first trip was to Ethiopia. I went as a volunteer to teach kids and it was the best experience that I've ever lived. All the people there were wonderful. They don’t have that much (almost nothing) but they share everything that they have. To be honest, I learned more from them than they did from me! It was such a great experience!!


After that I moved to San Diego (California). What a big change!! I went there for 9 months as a gymnastics coach. I had a great time there as well and I had the chance to do some short trips in the States (Las Vegas, Colorado, Phoenix, San Francisco, Los Angeles…)






Although I had some "bad" periods in my life I’ve always been into physical exercise and a healthy lifestyle. 


I started doing rhythmic gymnastics when I was 11 years old and that changed my life. It changed my body and it taught me many life skills: discipline, passion, hard work, balance and control of my body, consistency, dedication, respect, etc.

After college I started to work as a teacher, and I really loved that, but I was missing something in my life. I didn't want to settle down yet.  I needed to travel, try new experiences, and meet new people.... SEE THE WORLD!!


I'm In Love With Dancing Body & Mental Control



While I was living in SD, a friend of mine invited me to try a yoga class and I fell in love!! I tried so many different activities in my life, and I enjoyed all of them a lot, but not one of those could replace the hole that I had inside since I quit gymnastics. But, finally I found it!! So I started to learn about yoga. It’s amazing because there are many different types of yoga, so there is a class to suit everyone. I love it because every time when I practice I feel different on my mat, it depends on my state of mind. I practice yoga every morning and I just listen to my emotions and my body and I move according to that feeling, focusing more in my flexibility, my balance, my strength, or my relaxation. After the session, my mind and body are more balanced so I'm ready for the day!


I'm also a dancer.  I've never taken dance classes, so I don't have perfect technique, I just listen to the music and leave my mind blank and follow my heart. For me, it's a journey to nowhere.  It's a moment for me when I forget that there are people around me. I don't care what people will think about my movements, I use dance to express what I feel, to realize adrenaline, to have fun and connect with myself.


I'm also a model. I’ve not been taught how to model either, but I enjoy it so much, especially when I connect with the photographer. I prefer to shoot outside in new places where I've never been. My eyes look around, nonstop, imagining myself doing different poses (usually yoga or gymnastics poses) in those different sceneries. So I like to share my ideas with the photographer, but of course he is the expert, the one that sees everything from behind the camera, so then I move myself following their guidelines.


As you can see I'm very autodidactic. I love to learn new things and usually I learn by myself.


What's next? I still don't know where I am going now or what am I going to do. I just want to keep learning, exploring, meeting people and traveling. Enjoy my life, live the present!!

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