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Love can move more than just the heart

Well :-) I'm a 29 year old coal miner from the hunter valley in New South Wales. I grew up on the coast surfing and moved inland to a little town called Singleton where I bought a cattle farm. I'm an x rugby player - too broken and old nowdays ;-) - so I've taken the natural step and branched out into pole dancing lol. Bit of a random step I know, but it works... Got my first tattoo when I was 17 and haven't looked back. I often get asked what happens when I get old and my skin wrinkles and I say 'if I get old enough to get wrinkled skin I'll have a lot more to worry about than some ink from living a full life'...

Now how I met my amazing wife... It all started with my second trip to Thailand in three months. I arrived in Thailand two days early of my Contiki tour and decided to hit the famous Thai strip of Banglar Road by myself and see what trouble I could find (cause god knows I wouldn't of partied enough on Contiki)... I had organised to get a tattoo done at the end of the 9 day tour, but had to pay a deposit to lock it in before i started my tour. I love tattoos, always have and Thailand has one of the best shops I've seen on the planet. Celebrity ink. In my wisdom I decided to go out the night I arrived and pay the deposit on the second. Well the first night blurred into the second and when I got to the tattoo studio on day three I had to go in and push paying for it off till the fourth of fourth night because I told the guy I couldn't be trusted to carry my own credit cards and I would be back the next day to sort it. But when I turned around to leave, BOOM... Life changed forever... It's amazing how what seem like such insignificant moments can really change your entire life direction and priorities indefinitely.

Things that mattered don't anymore and things you never considered possible or never thought about suddenly become your highest priority... Laying on a sofa in the corner wearing a torn singlet and a pair of short, shorts was the most beautiful woman I think I have ever seen... (You really need to look at her photos at this point, I'm not joking)... All I could say was, 'hey, I like your tattoos'... She replied 'yeah, I like your shirt. I want it. Give it too me'... I laughed and told her 'I'm not sure where you're from sweetheart, but in Australia we buy our own shirts'... We laughed and I continued my journey into the abyss that is Thailand thinking nothing more of it. The next day the tour started and after meeting everyone and partying the night away I finally went to bed for my first sleep in three days. The next day was the beach followed by a $1.00 shot bar after dinner which was right next door to the tattoo studio which was perfect. I went in and paid my deposit and come back out to settle in and have a scotch and a few shots with a group of guys off the tour when I get a tap on the shoulder. When I turned my head over my shoulder in this little crowded bar I see a dark haired girl in a kimono standing there with this silly little wave just saying 'hi do you remember me'?... I sort of looked her up and down and not recognising who she was. Said 'hi' and turned back to my drink... Big mistake, you need to meet my future wife to understand how big of a mistake that was... I still hear about that moment today... I feel the tap on the shoulder again, this time it's harder so I turned right around and she asked 'you don't even recognise me do you?'. At this point I realised this girl is absolutely beautiful so you'd better figure this out quick'. I replied 'no, refresh my memory, if you knew how many girls come up wanting free drinks you'd be amazed how many say they know me'. At this point her mouth opened and a look of disbelief come across her face and she said 'I don't want any drinks I wanted the wifi code for the tattoo shop, we met there like two days ago'... At this point the guys I was drinking with had turned around and had taken interest in the convo. All of a sudden it hit me like a freight train. I grabbed the corner of her kimono and pulled it off to the side over her shoulder and said 'Of course I remember you. Your the girl with the tiger tattoos. I just didn't recognise you with your clothes on. Here let me buy you a drink to apologise'... Shaking her head she had that look of 'did this guy really just say that' on her face. The guys laughed and she went to walk away and I said 'no don't go at least have one drink, I'm sorry'. She replied 'I can't believe you didn't recognise me and I will have one drink. But not from you, no one buys me drinks. I buy my own drinks. I make more money than you do. I don't need your drinks'... From that drink sprang the most amazing three days I've ever had, bouncing between tropical Thai islands with a girl I couldn't have imagined existed... I did think that I had seen the last of the girl with the tiger tattoos when she left Thailand. But fate had other ideas... Three weeks later I get a phone call from Sini, turns out she's in LA doing a modelling gig. She calls me announcing ' I hate it here I'm coming to your farm for three weeks, in three weeks'... So it went... After Australia come 10 days in Laos. Next up was Hawaii then I went to Finland and now I have her here all to myself living out on our beautiful farm in the Aussie bush. The bravery the girl has shown to pack up her hole celebrity life, her tattoo business, sell everything she owns, move to a country where she knows only one person and doesn't speak her native language to follow a dream and her heart should not be overlooked or underestimated. True bravery comes when one acts and sacrifices when others wouldn't dream of moving though fear. Without huge risk there can be no huge reward... We are soon to be married on the farm where we are building a new house and hopefully are going to live happily ever after. We will be running around the world searching for the next big adventure....

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