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It's All About The Money!

Angelia Victoria

Queen of Heart Doll - The Beautiful Cameleon Queen


First, I want to thank you for stopping by. Soon I will put up the link to my professional modeling page. I hope you understand that with my page what you see is what you get! I started modeling because I felt that regardless of what one person may think of you, it may not be the same thing that others think of what they see. I have learned to be comfortable in my own skin and to remain confident and humbled in eveything I do. I always find the positive in all situations. Secondly, I enjoy what I do, love to create and be part of other people's visions. I love depicting new ideas and helping assist in others' journey to achieve their goals and deams while I, in turn, do the same. Third, I am grateful to all of my fans and supporters because without them, I never would have found my niche in modeling. What people need to know most about me is that looks are not always what they appear to be. I love to change up my look and watch how confused people look


Angelia Victoria is Dozen Magazine original Queen of Heart Doll. She's been our through thick and thin with us and has become Dozen jewel. If you need a chameleon on set Angelia will defiantly fit that role. Angelia comes highly recommended and will not let you down. From product placement, fashion, runways to independent film and special hosting contact Angelia   

Angelia Victoria

Dozen Modeling & Entertainment

Management: Dozen Entertainment

H'unna Abed
Portland Or,
Tel: 503-431-0729






For more information and availability send email.  Include date(s) needed, project type, requiremnts and contact information. We look forward hearing from you. 

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