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Cami Marie

Queen of Heart Doll

I’m Cami Marie and I am a published model and actress. My agencies are Actors in Action in Portland and Colleen Bell Agency in Seattle. Aside from modeling and acting, I also train in MMA. I’ve been doing martial arts for 3 years and I am currently a blue belt.

Focused on my dreams!

I take private classes at a home gym about 2-3 days a week. I don’t fight in a ring but I spar and grapple in my classes. Training in MMA and keeping yourself in shape does not only tax you physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. I do my work outs but I also strive to eat right and maintain a balanced diet. Persistence and patience are essential to progress. Results don’t show overnight and sometimes it feels like your chipping away at a rock.

Dozen Featured Glam Model

I have combined weight lifting, cardio and technique with cutting out/down on white bread and processed foods to make changes in not only my physical body but my self image. For nutrition, I focus on veggies and brown rice, wheat grains and chicken and fish. Everything in moderation. I do cheat meals to keep myself sane and try not to feel guilty when I eat something occasionally that I shouldn’t. You have to reward yourself!

Dozen Featured Health & Fitness Model

Cami Marie - An amazing actress

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