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Devitto P Eyes Wide Shut Show Mix (new).Devitto P
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The embodiment of any true recording artist lies in the combination of the 4 "P's": Passion, Poise, Performance, and Persistance. If one was to add a fifth "P" to that equation however, it would stand for Pentell... Devitto Pentell (also know as Devitto P the Hitmaker) to be exact. Devitto P is an Oregon native and one of the Godfathers of Salem hip hop, with over 20 years of recording and performing under his belt. Within his years in the music industry, Mr. Pentell has managed to master and diversify from his roots of hip hop, and culminate it into a unique genre-bend of R&B, pop, soul, rock, funk, dance, EDM, hip hop, and a twist of Blues. With melody as the heartbeat, Devitto masterfully crafts intricate songs ranging from wild club nights to the woes of heartbreak. His dapper appearance, harmonious music, in-depth songwriting ability, charisma, the energy of his stage performance, and his ability to touch people with his music has garnered him the title of one of the Northwest's most prestigious performers.


                  Devitto P the Hitmaker is a man of many talents. Beyond being an artist and prolific songwriter, he also has worn many other hats in the entertainment industry. These include television host on The In With Devitto P, event host, fashion design and sales, event planning, party promoter, graphic designer, video editor, studio engineer for EnV Brand and Maple Street Music Studios, music producer, and has been A&R for Rufus Records, CEO of Oregonized Entertainment Movement, Stray Bullet Productions, Team Devitto (P)ush, and is currently the CEO of the quickly budding EnV Brand Entertainment and ENVWLTH. This is in tandem with working in the music division of Dozen Magazine/Entertainment, and King Double Platinum Records.



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Kinda A Big Deal

Kinda A Big Deal - Devito P. - The Hitmaker
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