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 "I was born and grew up in Pyatigorsk, a beautiful city which is located in South East of Russia, and has a big influence of a culture, traditions and sence of fashion from Middle East.

My mother was a clothing designer and tailor. My grandmother was a fashionista, and my mother made clothes for her. I began modeling clothes for my mother at the age of four.


I began helping her sew when I was eight, and I designed my first dress when I was eleven. I had talent, and I inherited my mother’s and grandmother’s loves for color, purity, and superb craftsmanship. My mother, who was an excellent seamstress, told me when I was 19 that she had nothing left to teach me.

I graduated from the fashion and design college in age 22, since then I never stop designing and sewing and always striving to get better. I love challenging sewing and design projects, and creating new things. Sewing is my art and my life.


I was participated in many fashion shows: like charity events and fashion weeks as well. Was rewarded as designer of the year 2013 in Portland OR, (through RAW Artists), and designer of the year 2016 in Cleavland OH. My specialty of the clothing design always was an outwear, but through my career I truly enjoyed making evening wear and active wear as well.


For the last two years I made a few collection of swimsuits and lingerie, and found it very interesting, because making this kind of garments , again made me to be more meticulous and precise, - as I mentioned previously I always challenging myself for something new......


I believe the best Universal Language is a language of the fashion, and I'm in the power of being very fluent in it.


All the very best. Nelli Millard."

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