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Awards Ceremony

Interview With Charlie and Nancy Hales, Sasha Roiz, Ann Akre & Anne Bocci

Interview With Marie, Jennifer, Derek, Peter, Stephanie, Mandy, Heather, Tom & Kawika

Interview With Daniel Baldwin - PFSA Presenter & Actor

Interview With Brian & AshleyMacMillan - PFSA Most Fashionable Male TV Personality Winner

Interview With Yotam Solomon and Ali Megan

Interview With Sharon Blair and Owen Schmidt

Interview With Michelle Lesniak and Wendy Ohlendorf

Interview With Hit Machine - PFSA After Party Band

Kevin Forn and Michelle Bernard of Hair M|W

Interview With Bee Sam - Hair and Makeup Artist

Interview With Mrs. Flowers - Accepting Female Model of the Year Award for daughter, Clarke Flowers

Interview With Kamyar Jahan, Male Model of the Year, & Ale Mendez

Interview With Andrew Plummer, GM Mercedes-Benz of Portland (Title Sponsor),  Ann Akre, Amy & Derek

Dozen Magazine @ The Portland Fashion & Style Awards Finals Ceremony

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