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Sheena G

Sheena G

In the studio or on the stage, Sheena G is busting out of the music and setting the audience on fire. Crowds automatically jump to the beat every time this America Latina powerhouse performs. Sheena G’s music is a fresh combination of Fusion Urbana, Reggeaton, and Hip Hop, with a distinct Latin flavor that makes you feel like you’re mixing it up in some of the hottest clubs in the world. The offspring of a beautiful El Salvadoran mother and a rugged father of German ancestry, Sheena G credits her parents with her ability, drive, and desire to perform.

Sheena G’s mainstream American and Latino fan bases are growing her market exponentially. This fast growing star has become a phenomenon in North and South America. Her high energy Musica Urbana thrills audiences in packed venues. The upbeat rhythm and mix of English and Spanish lyrics in her music is perfect for getting your blood flowing in the car or on the dance floor. Her debut album “The First Class” was an instantaneous hit with the Zumba crowd.

Adept as a solo artist, ‘She’ is also comfortable performing with a mix of other artists and their varied music styles. Sheena G has opened for Baby Bash, Flava Flav, Don Omar, and most recently Prince Royce.


Currently performing duo mixes with Mr. Nota the pair is delivering a powerful fusion of Latina sound. Imagine Panama meets El Salvador and then through in a twist of American swagger the resulting sound is electrifying. The strong working relationship between the two hit artists, Sheena G and Mr. Nota, results in explosive live shows – a male-female power act unlike anything in today’s market.

Providing audiences with powerful bi-lingual performances, Sheena G is
bridging the culture gap between Latino, Hip Hop and mainstream American audiences. When she’s not performing in front of live audiences, she’s burning up the studio recording her second album. Her new campaign, bolstered by an experienced team of marketing professionals,
is designed to deliver a promotional rain-of-thunder, resulting in the doubling of her enormous and loyal following. The constant whirlwind of energy that is Sheena G is moving fast! We guarantee it’s a fun ride!
We hope you’re ready for what’s coming...

Sheena G is picking up the pace!

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Sheena G

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