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Gabrielle Hailstone

Gabrielle's ballet training started at a small dance studio located in Chandler, Arizona. From age 10 up into her mid 20's she dedicated her life to the study of movement.

After completing summer intensive programs with Oregon Ballet Theater, she also studied with Matsuyama Ballet in Tokyo, Japan at age seventeen. During of which, she performed in high end Louis Vuitton runway shows as a dancer/model. Upon her return to the USA,

Gabrielle has worked with many up and coming photographers in Michigan, Oregon, & NYC. Her specialties in movement allow her to create expressive and effortless compositions in front of the camera. As of most recently, Gabrielle was honored to walk in the Portland Fashion & Style Awards

Credit to all Professional Photographers, not in order: David Leonidas,  Anderson Holly Seeber, Oblique Foto, Tim VanBergen, Hal Harrison

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