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Why take care of your body and self? And how should we do it.

One of the first things you will notice as you begin an exercise routine, is the way you feel. Your body will respond on a daily basis to everything you do, and you will notice how different you feel right away. Working out will help you transform your body when you do specific exercises and you can expect to feel changed on the inside before you see results on the outside.

One of the main reason people workout is to improve their looks. Whether it’s an awesome set of biceps, killer abs, or a nicely shaped posterior, you will definitely find that working out will improve your looks, probably more than you expect. Of course, how much you improve is completely up to you, as the results of any workout program vary for each individual.

Studies have shown that regular exercise does wonders for your energy level. This is because as you work your muscles, the flow of blood is increased throughout your body. Increased movement and the resulting changes that happen inside you, like your heart pumping harder, your lungs breathing deeper, and all your muscles working at a faster pace, will up your energy level.  As you burn energy, you will find that you have more energy to burn.

Research has found that exercise benefits the brain to even a greater degree that has ever been known. When you workout or do any cardio activity like running or bike riding, your brain naturally produces larger amounts of endorphins, (feel-good hormones) like dopamine, serotonin oxytocin and adrenaline, which allow you to perform. Scientists are finding that the brain is so stimulated by exercise that it actually grows and develops a greater capacity for quick thinking, solving problems, and improved memory. One study showed that Alzheimer’s patients showed substantial improvement by increased exercise. Exercise pumps more oxygen into your brain and your brain responds.

Not only does regular exercise improve your short-term ability to work your muscles harder, but you also gain more strength and stamina. So, even after you workout, you will be able to last longer at anything you do, without feeling ultra tired. You will be able to do more activities, with less fatigue. This could make you more productive at work. You might even build up your stamina so much that you can compete in events, like triathlons or marathons. Many people say that prolonged exercise increases your sexual stamina as well.

A lot of people find that cardio exercise is one way to relieve stress. When you are working out, it is hard to think about other things that are on your mind, because you need to concentrate on what you are doing. Working out is one of the most effective ways to cut down on the stress in your life because you are stretching and straining your muscles, which helps relieve any built up tension from a stressful job or home situation. Many therapists recommend adding an exercise routine to compliment any other type of counseling for the relief of stress or trauma, from life-changing events such as divorce or losing a loved one.

Getting into a training and workout program, no matter what type it is, will be one of the smartest things you will ever do. You will notice a big change in your life, if you have never done it before. Your overall health can improve immensely. If you eat a healthy diet along with your physical efforts, you will see even better results. Working out has to be done in combination with healthy eating, in order produce the best results.

One of the best benefits of working out everyday, is that you will actually increase the chances that you will live a long life. As your body become more fit, you will build up your natural defense system, so you will be less susceptible to getting sick. New studies are showing that regular exercise along with changes in diet, such as eating less red meat (less saturated fat and cholesterol) and increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables, and cutting back or eliminating sugary drinks, can significantly lengthen your life.

So, keep in mind these 8 benefits of working out, and you might be surprised at how easy getting to your goals can be. Of course, not all results will be noticeable right away, but if you are patient and keep up your motivation and persistence up, you will find that you can do almost anything.

No matter what type of workout program you try, the most important thing is to set your mind to it, and don’t skip days or weeks when you get a few sore muscles. You simply have to keep going, if you want to see results. And, feeling better, looking better, having more energy, better memory, stamina, less stress, and better overall health are 8 reasons to change your life so you can live longer, and be healthier.

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Karen Bresnahan is a writer, photographer and artist from Boise, ID. She is a former competitive swimmer and has worked out at health clubs for many years.  She has a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism/Photography from the University of Idaho and owns Idaho Naturals Desertscapes, KB Lifelines Positive Quotes, and Romantic Idaho Weddings.

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