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Lady Vidalia

Album Release March 18th, 2023
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Inna Mikitas

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Passion of a Queen

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Dozen Media

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Who's Behind The DOZEN


The snow queen is a gentle touch of whispering winds. midnight lite snowfall across the horizon. 

Passion of a queen. Dozen cover model Dayra Gritsyuk

Love is simple. A queen is not complicated. understanding whats in the heart is what truly matters. 

Angelia Victoria - Roaming the wild west on a moonlight night. 


First, I want to thank you for stopping by. I hope you understand that with my page what you see is what you get! I started modeling because I felt that regardless of what one person may think of you, it may not be the same thing that others think of what they see.

Cover model exposed the naked truth in the next hard copy edition of Dozen Magazine International - Fashion, runway and modeling.  I started out as a Law undergraduate in the UK where I got exposed to modeling and developed a huge passion for the Arts. Moved to Paris in 2016 after getting accepted into Drama school, trained in Theater Performance for 2 years and now married to my husband who is also a brilliant photographer and living in Frankfurt, Germany.